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"You did a tremendous job in finding a buyer for my company, Miller Medical & Respiratory, Inc. in a very difficult and unsettled market place.  Your guidance during the process was very valuable and your handling of the transaction was extremely professional.

You made it easy for us to sell our company and got us very good price. What more can I ask from a broker – you did it for us.

My son Steven and I want to thank you for all you have done.

I can only give you the highest recommendation and will be very happy to speak to any one on your behalf."

Charles Toll  - President/CEO

Miller Medical and Respiratory, Inc.



“After making the hardest decision of my life ( to actually sell the business) the next important decision I had to make was who would best represent me and my concerns. Paragon Ventures greatly exceeded my expectations in every way, both financially and in the level of care and service I received.


I never expected the level of expertise and guidance Paragon provided. It was masterful how they managed each issue to resolution, with the very least amount of disruption to my business, and always with my best interests in mind. Now, with Paragon’s help, the cash in the bank and a smooth transition behind me, I know for certain that I made the right choice.”


Harvey Sussman, RPh - President/CEO

MidAtlantic Home Infusion, Inc.


“Paragon focused on getting me the very best deal possible… the entire process went smoothly and each detail was handled with the utmost professionalism. ”

Jan Fisher, Business Owner and
Paragon Ventures Client


“We had many suitors and sold our company for a wonderful price...
beyond our expectations. They worked on  the sale day and night...  although I had a direct offer in hand, Paragon Ventures was able to increase both the price and improve the deal structure. I am glad I did not try to go it alone."

Donny Edwards, Business Owner
And Paragon Ventures Client


"No games, thorough preparation, professional negotiation from start to final agreement... I was amazed at how smooth you made such a large transaction. Working with Paragon I was confident that I was getting the best deal I could expect. I appreciate the support, encouragement and hand-holding... My family is grateful for the excellent results."

Steve Elrod, Business Owner and
Paragon Ventures Client


"Paragon delivered a concise financial picture and an accurate executive summary of my prospective business that withstood due diligence perfectly. I plan all my acquisitions with Paragon!"

Eric Rugart, Business Buyer
from Paragon Ventures

"They not only have the necessary sales expertise and vast contacts in the industry, but more importantly, they possess the knowledge and personal experience of once having gone through this process themselves."

Susan Cloonan, Business Owner and
Paragon Ventures Client











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Paragon Ventures is a full service  professional advisory specializing in all aspects of the confidential sale, merger and valuation of growing, profitable, mid-market healthcare companies









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If you are considering selling your business within the next year or so, the time to start is now.  Strategic planning far in advance of the actual event can significantly add to the eventual sales price.