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The Private Equity Option


Private equity represents another strategic option for business owners looking for growth capital, strategic sponsor and/or as part of a multiphase, tiered exit strategy.  Many people don't realize the role that private equity plays in the world.  The fact is that private equity investments (both current and past) are behind some of the worlds most well-known and successful companies.


Private equity investments total hundreds of billions of dollars each year and a significant and growing percentage is targeted for healthcare organizations. You may not know the private equity firms behind them; however, you are familiar with the brands they have built. Each of these successful companies (and thousands more like them) have been funded or recapitalized with private equity since their original inception.


Paragon Ventures maintains contact with over 3,500 private equity firms which have been pre-qualified with committed capital and healthcare related business.  These firm are not just financial investors, they are strategic private equity focused on our industry and the opportunities healthcare companies represent.

  • Private Equity is healthy and has capital to deploy: Over the last 12 months, Private Equity groups and sponsors have raised $150 billion in new capital for acquisitions.

  • The Merger & Acquisition environment is strong: The merger and acquisition activity in the first half of 2014 exceeded $1.2 trillion in invested capital.

  • The Middle Market is growing: The middle market represents the 4th largest economy in the world, and employs over 100 million people.

  • Options in the capital markets are expanding, but are also becoming more complex. Not only are private equity firms becoming more specialized, but corporate buyers are under increasing pressure to grow through acquisition.

The graphic below highlights a simplified outline of how a private equity transaction works for a privately held business.

With a private equity transaction, you will be able to:

             “Take significant chips off the table.”

                                           “Rapidly grow and propel the business to the next level.”

                                                         “Keep the team intact and the dream alive.”

       “Take a second substantial bite of the apple”

Whether you are looking at purchasing a business or trying to sell your own company, we are committed to facilitating the process from beginning to end.  We have developed the effective strategies, proven processes and extensive buyer relationships which deliver the maximum Real Value® for our clients during the sale or merger of their company. 


Our client reference list is available upon request, please call 800-719-1555 for more information

Paragon Ventures • 104 South Wayne Ave # 415 • Wayne • PA • 19087 PH: 800-719-1555 FX: 610-500-5100


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